Sajda van der Leeuw

writer - photographer - academic

Art & sculpture

Red_thread project

The Red_thread project originated during my time at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, and involved the creation of a large sculptural ball wrapped with a red woolen thread that could expand and connect to the environment in which it would be exhibited. The photographs are more than documents of this process and tried to visualise the symbolic significance of the ‘red thread’ theme: fate, (dis-)connection, place and space (especially – sometimes ruins of – buildings and their significance as a heterotopia, or ‘other space’), relational art and site-specificity. Over the years this led to many series of photographs documenting this interaction, of which a selection, taken in an abandoned building in Amsterdam, can be viewed below.

(Please click on one of the images below for more photographs in that series.)

Thanks to: Renate Roze & Olle Kruyt.

(More projects will follow – under construction.)